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PHE Top Blogs
05 January 2018

Public Health England announces it's most view blogs of 2017 in which cervical screening featured quite prominently.

Our top 10 blog posts

  1.  In at number one is my predecessor Jonny Waldheim’s blog on the recent changes to our E-Learning system, with a whopping 11,587 views. This was a big change in the world of Continued Professional Development (CPD) credits and aimed at all 11 of our screening programmes.

  2. And in a close second is our blog by Newborn Bloodspot Project Lead Lucy Pylypiw for midwives on how to advise parents on residual bloodspots with 8,654 views. This is important guidance on the legality of using blood spots.

  3. Our third most popular blog with just shy of 7,300 views (7,293) asks the very important question of why cervical screening stops at 64. This may not be that recent; it was written way back in 2015 – but it remains as relevant today.

  4. And in at number 4 we announced recent changes to our E-Learning, with 5,596 page views – not too shabby. Our e-learning modules have been developed over more than 10 years and during that time, more than 25,000 people have used and benefited from them.

  5. In fifth place we have How Best to Roll out HPV testing as the Primary Cervical Screening Test with 5,399 views. Last year after reviewing the evidence, the UK NSC recommended that the HPV test should replace cytology as the first stage in cervical screening as evidence shows that human papillomavirus (HPV) testing is a better way of identifying women at risk of cervical cancer than the cytology (smear) test that examines cells under a microscope.

  6. In at number 6 is the FIT Kit announcement by the Editor of GPNotebook , Dr Jim McMorran, with a total of 5,195 views.

  7. And in seventh place we have our guidance for GPs on the introduction of primary HPV testing with 4,753 views.

  8. In eighth place is our blog announcing the changes to HPV testing and the resulting guidance to laboratories with 4,605 views.

  9. In at number nine is our post on our new letters and leaflets for cervical screening with 4,087 readers.

  10. And finally last (but by no means least) in 10th place is another e-learning blog – this time an update announcing the changes in cervical screening learning tools- which were changed to reflect the new guidance. This is the 6th cervical screening blog in our top 10 and has a respectable 3,747 viewsand counting...

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Annual Report 2016 - 2017
02 August 2017

Our latest Annual Report is now available to view (See our Links page)


The LRCTC maintained it's NHSCSP Accreditation following an inspection on 29th September 2016. Full approval was granted on 22nd March 2017

The staffing structure of the LRCTC underwent re-organisation and a new structure was successfully formed with the establishment of new permanent posts.

34 courses were run attended by 345 candidates

The evaluation scores (0-5) for all courses ranged from 4.3 to 5.0, with a mean value of 4.73 regarded as "highly relevant" for working practice